91% of people check their email every day. But to catch potential attendees’ attention in a busy inbox, your event/course emails need to stand out from the crowd.

Apprendo Email Analytics tool enables you to gather all the data regarding email marketing such as open rate and click-through rates. With this tool, you can focus on attendees and sales in a specific course or multiple events over a period of time. 

Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to Manage Page 
  2. Click on Email Analytics under Manage Attendees
  3. You can search by email or email subject and retrieve information about every email sent in the past 30 days.
  4. Check if email notifications have been sent successfully.
  5.  Pay attention to your open rate and see which recipients opened your email and how many times.
  6. Check the number of attendees who click on a link in your email. (If you want to improve your click-through rate, get more targeted with your content) 
  7. You can Resend to a bounced email.
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